Our Coaching Philosophy

It is our goal to develop a passion for the game of soccer within each of our players. We aim to foster this passion through fun, challenging, and competitive training sessions. It is our belief that if we can ignite the passion for the game, the game itself will drive players to become better.

We believe that if we apply the principle of placing the individual above the team, especially at younger ages, we will develop soccer players that will have the skills necessary to compete at any level. It will be our challenge to place the emphasis on the individual and not the team at the younger ages. As players reach the middle youth years of 12-14, we will begin to teach them the principles and tactics necessary to win games. By the 15-18 ages, our players should be well prepared to play and contribute to their respective high school teams, with some going on to play at the collegiate levels.

We believe that players should be trained to treat the game and all that are involved in the game with respect and understanding. It is our goal to develop players and parents who are ambassadors for our program.

Our coaches will behave as role models at all times. Our emphasis will be placed on giving your best effort and not determined by winning or losing. Our players will understand that playing to the best of one’s ability regardless of winning or losing is the most that one can ask of themselves. Our players will not be trained to win at all costs, but rather through learned tactics necessary to play successful soccer, combined with proper individual development, winning will take care of its self.

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Photo of Nick Schellenger

Nick Schellenger

Coaching Director

Nick Schellenger has been a soccer player all his life. He went through youth development at the Oshkosh United soccer club and coached at the club as well. During high school Nick played for Oshkosh West where he earned all conference team recognition and went on to play briefly for the UW-La Crosse club team before injury ended his playing days. Nick has been coached by and has coached with world class and internationally licensed professionals.